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This list is a good begining. I have to add many more musical works of HIndustani and Carnatic tradition here. Your help in making this list complete is appreciated. Please inform us of any books not listed. Thanks.


  • A History of Indian Music - Swaami Prajnaanaananda.
  • Aparichit Raaga (Hindi) - J.D. Paatki.
  • Aasaavari Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Bhairava Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Bhairavi Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Bhaartiya Sangeet Kaa Itihaas - Bhagvat Sharan Sharmaa.
  • Bhaartiya Sangeet Kosh (Hindi). Vimalkaant Rae Chaudhary.
  • Bilaaval Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Hamaare Sangeet Ratna (Hindi) - Lakshmi Naaraayan Garg.
  • Historical Development of Indian Music - Swaami Prajnaanaananda.
  • Kaafi Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Kaahnaraa Ke Prakaar (Hindi) - Jaisukhlal Tribhuvandas Shaah.
  • Kalyaan Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Khammaaj Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Kramik Pustak (Hindi) - Volumes 1 - 6, Pandit V. N. Bhaatkhande.
  • Maaravaa Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Maarifulnaghmaat (Urdu).
  • Music of India - Mr Popley.
  • Pooravi Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Praveen Prashna Panjikaa - Pandit Jagdish Naaraayan Pathak.
  • Raaga Kosh - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).
  • Raaga Nidhi, volumes 1- 4 by Mr. B. Subha Rao.
  • Ragas and Raginis by Mr O.C. Ganguli.
  • Ragas of North India - Mr. Walter Kaufmann.
  • Ragas of South India - Mr. Walter Kaufmann.
  • Raagopedia, volume 1 - Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish / Ashwin Batish.
  • Rasik Raaga Lakshan Manjari, - Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish.
  • Sangeet Chintaamani (Hindi) - A. Brihaspati.
  • Sangeet Vishaarad - Sangeet Publications (Hindi)
  • Story of Indian Music, O. Goswaami.
  • The Music of Hindostan, Mr Fox Strangways.
  • The Raagas of Northern Indian Music - Alain Danielou.
  • Todi Ank - Sangeet Publications (Hindi).

    Submissions from our readers

  • The Winged Form - aesthetical essays on hindustani rythm. Sushil Kumar Saxena.1979
  • The Origin of Raga. S.Bandyopadhaya. 1977.

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