Fantastic, I've been searching for something like this for a long time. Thank you! Richard Freund, Pennsylvania.
Thank you for making this world of information accesible
Darin Schaffer, Idaho
Dear Mr. Batish,

I loved your Ragopedia tape. Your voice is beautiful. Your work is really appreciated. I am just a beginner to understanding classical music. If god permits I will collect all your tapes and make a community library.
Narendra Patel, California

Very well done!
Heidi Berg, New York
Liked it. Want to buy similar books. (brought from Tower Records, Chicago)
David Bert, Chicago
You have excellent books, I'm going to buy more.
Gary Johnson, Indiana
The Ragopedia was a very wise purchase! I have truly enjoyed everything. I have learned from this invaluable text.
Derek Taylor, Texas
Very well done. An ocean of mercy.
Chris Hall, Misouri
Very good work.
Tony Scozzaro, New York.

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