Here are clips from some of his old movies.

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Greetings folks,

My father, Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish, was born December14 and to celebrate this occasion, I am preparing some musical clips to share with you all. Please come back and catch the broadcasts as I will try changing them daily. Blessing and best wishes to all of you.

Watch some live streamed programming of my father's music. As a family, we have started Ragmala TV and Radio. I hope you will listen in and tell all your friends to do the same. Please click on the arrow to watch some of our music.

Ashwin Batish

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Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish has been a stalwart on the Indian music scene since 1936. His songs have been broadcast from All India Radio nationwide. His old movies are regularly shown on Indian TV. He was a true master of the various vocal and instrumental styles of North Indian music, including Bhajans, Geet, Thumri, Ghazals, Film Sangeet, etc. Some of his outstanding films are Betab, Bahu Beti, Toofan, Harjeet, Tipu Sultan, Ham Bhi Kuch Kam Nahin, and Amar Keertan. His songs have been sung by such top artists as Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Talat Mahmood, Mohamad Rafi, Sudha Malhotra, Manna Dey, and Geeta Dutt. Some of his all time hit songs are, Pagadi Sambhal Jatta, Khamosh Nigahen, and Aakhen Kehe Gayi Dil Ki Baat.

In 1970 Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish moved to California, USA to teach music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He loved this area and decided to make it his home. He wrote some of his greatest works here. Books to teach North Indian music, compositions on over 2200 Carnatic ragas and over 700 North Indian ragas, Instructional videos to teach the harmonium, vichitra veena, dilruba are just a few of the releases. He and his son Shri Ashwin Batish, also formed the Batish Institute of Indian music and Fine Arts - an educational Institute to teach Panditji's music and to further the cause of Indian music and culture in the Monterey Bay area.

Today his family is working hard on releaseing all his works to the general public.

Please help us make his web site great by mailing us any old photos or records, mp3s etc of my father so that I can add them here. You can check out his Indian filmi movies via the filmography link. Kind Regards, Ashwin Batish

Here is a playlist I've collected of all my father's Youtube clips.

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